Best developmental program of 2017

This is how we help achieve our partners' visions. A1 Slovenija d.d. and Vip mobile d.o.o. (daughter companies of Telekom Austria Group) are on their accelerated way to become fully strengths-based organizations.

While the improved collaboration, level of inspiration, trust, agility and team commitment are clearly and strongly erupting in all parts of the organization, the program is also recognized by the external audience: one of the best developmental programs of the 2017!

Ujemi Znanje has designed the program, from the communications and adoption plan, to the content of the interventions, to the train the trainer program that is building an internal capability of strengths coaching. After the initial 10% of the organization being involved in coaching, phase II which starts in 3 months, will include further 30% of the organization. By end of 2018 the plan is to have 66% of the people coached in strengths.

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